4 core values: green, local, affordable, social.

Aspiravi Energy is a new cooperative in the Aspiravi Group. It is a brand new electricity provider that has been active on the energy market in Flanders since March 2015.

Aspiravi Energy provides locally generated green energy. Aspiravi Energy goes all the way for local renewable energy sources. This not only limits damage to the environment but also supports the local economy and employment.

However, Aspiravi Energy goes further than that: it also links a social purpose to its offer. Each one of Aspiravi Energy's customers donates at least 1€/MWh of consumed energy to a charity project. Furthermore, each customer can choose to donate a greater amount per MWh to the social project.

Cooperative members of CVBA Aspiravi Samen and/or CVBA Limburg Wind owning at least 4 shares are able to buy Aspiravi Energy’s green energy.

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