25 August 2018: top day for Belgian wind power

25 August was a top day for the wind energy in our country. 18% of all the electricity consumed that day in Belgium was generated by wind turbines, representing a fourth place in Europe that day.
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Ostend beach stunt highlights important Belgian offshore wind milestone

Belgium’s 5th wind farm in the North Sea started to produce electricity this summer. This means that the mark of energy for 1 million families has been surpassed. To celebrate and highlight this important milestone, Belgian Offshore Platform (BOP) is organising a stunt on the Ostend beach: 15,000 paper windmills were placed, making up the number 1,000,000.
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11 of 42 Rentel turbines are installed

The construction of the new Rentel wind farm in the North Sea, before in front of the coast of Zeebruges, is going well. 11 of the 42 planned turbines have been installed and connected.
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