Newsletter October 2015

Learn more about:

• ± 2,200 visitors for Bruges Open Business Day!
• Wide support for wind energy projects
• Disassembly and recycling of 7 wind turbines...
• ... and construction of 5 new wind turbines in Bruges
• 15 new wind turbines in the Port of Antwerp
• Limburg welcomes 11 new wind turbines
• New construction projects on the horizon
• Appeals dally off projects
• Permit applications for 16 turbines
• Aspiravi Samen raises capital again
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Newsletter April 2015

Learn more about:
•Aspiravi builds 45 new wind turbines in 2015
•Reduction of CO2 by 700,000 tonnes
•Environmental permit for offshore wind farm Mermaid
•Aspiravi Energy supplies green energy
•Aspiravi is Trends Gazelle 2015
•Sponsor of E3 cycle race

Newsletter December 2014

Learn more about:
•Aspiravi Offshore acquires a 40% share in Northwind
•Five new wind turbines on the right bank of the Port of Antwerp
•Construction of 13 wind turbines on the left bank of the Port of Antwerp
•Wind turbine at Coldset Printing Partners
•Successful Companies' Open Day
•Happy New Year

Newsletter July 2014

In this newsletter you read all about:
•our activity report 2013
•the construction of our wind farm in the port of Antwerp
•offshore wind farm Northwind fully operational
•saving water with wind energy

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